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In 2019, the Prix de Genève for architectural experimentation is being organised in order to support innovative achievements and concepts in the fields of architecture, construction, urban planning and landscaping.


Thanks to a donation from Daniel Grataloup, the Prix de Genève will stimulate experimentation and innovation for the architecture of tomorrow. It will reward the boldness and creativity of completed projects, projects in progress and unfinished projects, in Switzerland and around the world.


The aim of this new award is to distinguish achievements, current projects and research work that go beyond the classical framework of architecture.

See the brochure


The Prix de Genève is an international award and comes with a CHF 30,000 prize. It is open to architects, landscape architects, urban planners and engineers for both students and professionals.


To support applicants, the jury has decided to extend the application deadline.  Projects and application files can now be submitted until July 7th 2019. The prize will reward one winner and five nominees.

See the regulations


The Prix de Genève is aimed at professionals and students in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape design, engineering and construction. Applications can be individual or collective.


Any type of project is eligible; completed projects, projects in progress, research work and competition projects. Submitted projects must have been designed between 2014 and 2019, five years prior to the submission date.


Applications must be submitted in French or English and are free of charge. All applications must include:

– the application form: completed and signed

– attachments: photos, plans, 3D images, elevations, etc.


Applications must be submitted no later than July 7th 2019 by e-mail to prixdegeneve@etat.ge.ch.

See the form


Members of the 2019 panel:
– Carlotta Daro, architect
– Francesco Della Casa, cantonal architect
– Christian Dupraz, architect
– Leïla el-Wakil, architect and art historiant
– Daniel Grataloup, chairman
– Jean-Pierre Greff, director of the HEAD
– Julien Grisel, architect
– Gabriele Guscetti, engineer
– Sabine Nemec-Piguet, office du patrimoine et des sites
– Andreas Ruby, director of the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel


– July 7th 2019: deadline for sending projects

– Summer 2019: panel consultation

– Autumn 2019: announcement of winners and nominees

– December 2019: exhibition of winning projects


For more information, please contact the Office du patrimoine et des sites in Geneva, at the following address: prixdegeneve@etat.ge.ch.


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